MoLiRom offers a set of chromatographic specialties intended to fit your needs.

We offer:

  • HPLC columns packed with tailor-made specialty stationary phases and custom column geometry

  • Custom column geometry

  • Monolithic stationary phases

  • Immobilized biomolecules

  • Enzymatic reactors for on-flow applications and coupling to ESI-MS


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 monolithic-column Novel active matrices have been developed that represent the state-of-the-art in monolithic columns chromatography. Diverse functionalization of the matrices allow for easy capture of precious metabolites, identification of impurities in pharma products, separation of subfractions of biosimilars and complex biomolecules. Novel immobilized enzymes have been developed that allows for easy and highly reproducible isolation of valuable plant secondary metabolites or direct chiral synthesis of complex natural molecules within monolithic bioreactors.


All products are intended for research use only, not for human, household or drug applications