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Topic therapy for cutaneous antibiotic-resistant and parasitic microorganism infections.

Protein-enclosed silver nanoparticles have shown highly efficient killing of antibiotic-resistant microbes and parasites. The efficacy is five-tenfold higher than current topical Ag based preparations. In vitro studies have shown that the use of agastat reduces the total amount of Ag to be administered thus significantly decreasing possible side effects of the metal (e.g. argyria). We are currently in search of partners for in vivo studies both for veterinary use (canine Leishmaniasis) and human use (cutaneous infections) in order to jointly establish IP on the product.

NATALIE (NATurally Anti-aLlErgIc)

Natural aqueous extracts from edible etiolated leguminosae seedlings possess a long acting histaminase activity. The extract, in different possible formulations, is suitable as a fully natural anti-allergic food supplement that may find wide applications under many nutritional or clinical indications.

NORCLAR (Norcoclaurine, Higenamine)

Higenamine, a bioactive benzylisoquinoline alkaloid, has been used for centuries in oriental medicine in the form of natural extract from radix Aconiti lateralis preparata. S-norcoclaurine is an efficient cardiotonic and bronchodilator b1-adrenergic natural substance with reported beneficial effects on cell survival after injury. A novel stereoselective synthetic strategy has been designed on the basis of a cheap and green enzyme based process. A non-drug product formulation in association with ascorbic acid and NADH is under study.

IRONCORE  (Ferritin based iron supplement).

Ferritins are the natural iron storage proteins and have been proposed in the past as the most efficient dietary iron supplement. The high cost of their manufacturing (extraction from horse or beef liver) precluded a successful market expansion. We have developed novel, recombinant ferritins that can be produced by fermentation at industrial scale.

ABIND (Antibody BINDers)

Fast, safe and efficient purification of therapeutic antibodies is a key technology for biopharmaceutical industry. We are developing antibody binders as recombinant engineered fragments of antibody binding proteins immobilized onto flexible monolithic columns.


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