Enzyme Assays and Enzyme Research

pozzettiSapienZyme is a facility of the Department of Biochemical Sciences/Molirom providing enzyme assays services and support to enzyme research run by Francesco Malatesta, Roberto Contestabile, Martino Luigi di Salvo and Angela Tramonti. We have a very long and internationally recognized experience in enzymology and on all fundamental methods used in enzymology. We offer a broad range of already established assays for the measurement of enzyme activity and inhibition, but we can also devise novel customized assays. Moreover, we make our experience and instrum
entation available for advanced studies on enzyme steady-state kinetics (e.g. determination of kinetic parameters such as kCAT, KM and KI), rapid kinetics and catalytic mechanism.

Available Services

  • Assays for determination of enzyme specific activity in biological samples (in healthy and pathological states).
  • Kinetic evaluation of enzyme inhibition and reversibility of inhibition.
  • Inhibitor screening and validation (development of enzyme assays for the high throughput screening of inhibitors).
  • IC50 determination of drug compounds.
  • Substrate profiling (analysis of enzyme selectivity) and determination of kinetic parameters (kCAT, KM).
  • Progress curve experiments (including One Shot Technology, which allows determination of kinetic and inhibition parameters from a single kinetic trace).
  • Transient kinetics experiments (Stopped-Flow, Time-resolved Spectroscopy).
  • Relaxation experiments (T-jump).
  • Discontinuous assays (radioisotopic, colorimetric, fluorimetric and chromatographic assays).
  • Studies on enzyme stability.
  • In silico calculations & predictions on enzyme mechanisms.

Routine assays are available, for example, on:instruments

  • Decarboxylases
  • Flavoenzymes
  • Hydrolases & Proteases
  • Oxidases & Peroxidases
  • Kinases
  • Transferases

Please contact our experts for further information and preliminary evaluation on the feasibility and costs of your specific request at or use the contact form.