MoLiRom offers competitive services comprising:

Analytical Chemistry

  • Method development
  • Method transfer
  • Scale-down from standard to micro- to capillary
  • Chemometric optimization of HPLC/UPLC methods

Chiral Chromatography

  • HPLC & semi-preparative separation of enantiomers on the following chiral stationary phases:
    • Pirkle type (DACH-DNB, Whelk-O1, Phgly-DNB)
    • Cellulose and amylose esters and carbamates
    • Polymeric amides
    • Chirobiotic series
  • On-line and off-line chiroptical characterization
  • Stereodynamic studies for stereolabile compounds

Enzyme Assays logo-sapienzyme

Services and support to enzyme research. Determination of enzyme specific activity in biological samples. Inhibitor screening. Substrate profiling. Steady-state and rapid kinetics measurements. Learn more

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